Friday, April 3, 2009

For Unconscious Adult

1. Check casualty's response by gently shaking the casualty's shoulder.

2. If no response, open the the airway: Tilt the head and lift the chin.

3. Check for breathing: Look the chest movement, listen for sounds of breathing and feel the breath on your cheek.

4. If the casualty is not breathing, ask another helper to call an ambulance.

5. Begin chest compression: Compress the casualty's chest 30 times.

6. Begin rescue breath: Tilt the head and lift the chin. Then, pinch the nose and give two rescue breath.

7. If you cannot achieve breaths, recheck the head tilt and the chin lift. Also recheck the mouth.

8. Continue repeating CPR until the casualty start to breathe normally.

9. Place the casualty in recovery position.